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Self Storage Durban

Are you a self storage newbie? Or are you simply overwhelmed by the hundreds of self storage facilities in Durban on offer? If it is yes to either, it is a very good thing that you found Self Storage Durban. Newbies will get all the advice and tips they need at Self Storage Durban. They can than use Storage Panda to sort through the self storage durban facilities according to price, size and location. Renting self storage in Durban just got that easy!

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Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage
Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage encourages customers who want to preserve sensitive and valuable goods. They’re looking for storage facilities that monitor and control humidity and temperature settings, and they’re willing to pay slightly higher for this type of space.

Climate control also appeals to self-storage developers and owners because it offers a way to increase revenue. Climate controlled storage units usually command higher rental rates than traditional self-storage. Construction of climate-controlled storage does have its own set of nuances, however. Here are three things to keep in mind when developing this type of space.

Make sure your storage is well insulated

Work with an architect and mechanical engineer to determine the amount of insulation required for your Climate controlled storage unit. Remember, this is non-occupied space. The industry standard range for climate controlled storage is between 50 and 90 degrees. When budgeting for your climate-controlled construction, consult an expert with experience in insulating. You’ll also need to budget for contingencies in case you’re required to build your facility with a higher R-value.

How much it will cost

For the most part, the costs to construct climate controlled storage are similar to those of traditional storage, however, there are a few budget considerations that are different. Usually climate controlled construction would cost between ZAR 10 – 15k. But it will sure save you money in the long run.

Once you have set up your climate controlled unit it will be beneficial to you as you can also take advantage of the market by renting out your unit to the public at a slightly higher rate since you would have paid the normal self storage rental. There is nothing wrong with a little profit.

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