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Self Storage Durban

Are you a self storage newbie? Or are you simply overwhelmed by the hundreds of self storage facilities in Durban on offer? If it is yes to either, it is a very good thing that you found Self Storage Durban. Newbies will get all the advice and tips they need at Self Storage Durban. They can than use Storage Panda to sort through the self storage durban facilities according to price, size and location. Renting self storage in Durban just got that easy!

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Portable storage units

Portable storage units
Portable storage units

Portable storage units

Portable storage units

Portable storage units are ideal for long distance moving. Say you are moving to another town and you want to store your goods over the travelling period you can consider these portable containers. There are numerous options to consider when choosing a moving company, yet you might perhaps not even consider moving containers. There are lots of reasons to choose moving containers over more traditional moving company offerings. Portable storage units are the future.

Advantages of Portable Storage Units

  • You load and go – Just load your belongings into the Portable storage units. We can arrange to move into your new location, we also pick up our containers soon as you are done.
  • Flexible – You can store your container at your exact location, if you do change your mind we can arrange to move it to your new location. There is no fixed time to use your unit.
  • Portable storage units are convenient –  Pack and unpack at your own time. your unit stays on site for as long as you want it there, eliminates the pressure associated with moving truck rental.
  • Its quick and easy –  There’s no truck to drive or a trailer to pull you. We deliver as you want.
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