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Self Storage Durban

Are you a self storage newbie? Or are you simply overwhelmed by the hundreds of self storage facilities in Durban on offer? If it is yes to either, it is a very good thing that you found Self Storage Durban. Newbies will get all the advice and tips they need at Self Storage Durban. They can than use Storage Panda to sort through the self storage durban facilities according to price, size and location. Renting self storage in Durban just got that easy!

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Self storage for business

Self storage for business
Self storage for business

Self storage for business

Self storage for business

Whether you need Self storage for business to accommodate excess inventory, equipment, files, or simply require more vacant square footage, Storage Panda has flexible and affordable storage solutions. A storage unit is a perfect extension of your business with many advantages:

  • Lower cost per square foot than most commercial real estate
  • Monthly rental terms as opposed to 6-12 month lease terms for commercial real estate.
  • Convenient access hours which extend past traditional office hours, with 24 hour access available at many locations.
  • Receive your deliveries to your storage unit – we require only your permission for the shipper to access your space.
  • Parking space rental also available for vehicles and trailers

It does not really matter what size facility you are looking for we will get you the unit that you want to spec. Looking for a place to do business? At many Storage Panda Self Storage locations, we’ve extended our traditional storage services to include retail and business offices for rent. Additionally, many offer connected warehouses with bay doors to for commercial storage purposes. Storage Panda business offers efficiencies that most properties don’t have, which allows us to offer lower rents than the market average for office and retail spaces. We also offer the flexibility of renting additional storage on our properties as you need it. Our facilities are airtight with security so you do not need to worry about burglars as we will make sure that your items are safe at all times.

Besides guards and alarms, we have 24/7 surveillance on site so we monitor any movement that takes place on site. You sleep and we worry. In addition you are given access cards that will allow you to enter the unit at anytime. Safety is our priority.

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